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Updated : January 14, 2016

First Department of Internal Medicine(Cardiovascular and Renal Pathologies)


Yoshihiko Saito (Professor)
Hiroyuki Ohkura (Associate Professor)
Hiroyuki Kawata (Lecturer)


Based on its fundamental principles “the nurturing of doctors and medical researchers needed”, “development and clinical application of methods of advanced medicine”, and “contribution to core and community-based medical services”, this department specializes in lifestyle-related diseases, in addition to cardiovascular and renal diseases as their complications. In line with this, it promotes basic and clinical research activities represented by: 1. studies to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cardiac-renal disease relationships; 2. studies to clarify the pathology of cardiomyopathy; 3. multicenter observational studies to develop new diagnostic methods for heart failure and acute myocardial infarction; and 4. surveys to examine the association between renal tissue findings obtained through biopsies and the prognosis in nephrotic syndrome and diabetic nephropathy. We globally share a large number of findings obtained from these studies as evidence.


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