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Updated : January 14, 2016

Department of Orthopedics


Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in Nara Medical University was established in 1954, and developed through the world first replantation of the thumb by professor emeritus Susumu Tamai in 1965 and the Japan’s first development of total ankle prosthesis by professor emeritus Yoshinori Takakura. It consists of some research teams like microsurgery and hand, foot and ankle, spine, shoulder, hip, knee surgeries, as well as oncology, sports medicine, rheumatoid arthritis, pediatric orthopaedics and traumatology, while competing and cooperating with each other. Up to the present, we have accomplished some world class works like development of our original method of laminoplasty (Nara method) or world first application of the mesenchymal stem cells for the prosthesis of the artificial joint implant. Since the appointment of professor Yasuhito Tanaka in 2009, three endowed departments, Prosthetic and Regenerative Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Hand Surgery, and the Center for Rheumatic Diseases have been organized as satellite division. Under the slogan of “Liberty and Equality”, all constituent members in our department strongly advance research activities night and day with higher motivation.


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