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Updated : January 14, 2016

Molecular Biology of Neural System

Teacher and Staff

Akio Tsuboi (Professor)
Seiichi Yoshihara (Lecturer)
Hiroo Takahashi (Assistant Professor)


We are focusing on the olfactory system to understand how neuronal connections are generated developmentally and regenerated if they are impaired by stroke. We are also planning to apply our findings to clinical medicines for preventing and treating olfactory disorders as well as the other neurological diseases. Our major works are: 1) The molecular mechanism for navigating olfactory sensory neurons to the olfactory bulb (Cell 141, 1056, 2010); 2) The molecular mechanism that facilitates the dendritic development of olfactory bulb interneurons in an odor-experience dependent manner (Cell Reports 8, 843, 2014).