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Updated : March 15, 2018

Center for Diversity and Inclusion(CDI)


Yasue Suzaki M.D.,Ph.D.


The Center for Diversity and Inclusion was founded in 2011 as a university-wide organization, with the aims of nurturing excellent female doctors, nurses, and researchers as well as further developing research, education, and medical services at Nara Medical University. Current projects aim to improve the work environment for all faculty members and staffs, raise awareness of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and provide medical education on the topic of gender equality, in order to utilize diverse human resources, regardless of gender. Our five core missions are as follows : 1) Supporting female researchers engaged in life events, such as parenting, and commending female scholars with excellent outcomes; 2) Conducting surveys and studies to promote a favorable work-life balance among all faculty members and staffs; 3) Enhancing career education for medical students; 4) Providing harassment counseling and prevention activities; and 5) Organizing various events to promote gender equality.


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