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Updated : January 14, 2016

Oncology Center


Masatoshi Kanno (Director, Professor of University Hospital)
Yumi Yoshii (Assistant Professor)


Oncology Center plays the active leading role in the field of anti-cancer chemotherapy through the operation of ambulatory chemotherapy room and the management of chemotherapy regimens. Medical oncology team powered by multidisciplinary medical staff, including certified specialties, has been making efforts to establish the seamless process by the prescription inspection, mixing, administration of anti-cancer drugs and also patient education to complete the best practice of cancer chemotherapy with efficacy and safety, which is recognized as our primary mission. We designate to provide a high quality cancer care by the highly authorized “Team Oncology” through the research themes below; 1. Exploration of the suitable administration methods of molecular targeted drugs. 2. Development of the high quality multidisciplinary cancer care team (called “Team Oncology”). 3. Completion of systematic prevention agaist anti-cancer drugs exposure to keep our occupational environment safe.


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