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Updated : December 12, 2017

Institute for Clinical and Translational Science


Masato Kasahara (Director, Professor of University Hospital)


The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science organized within the Nara Medical University Hospital consists of the following departments: Clinical Development Promotion: managing studies for the practical use of seeds from academia as medical technology, as well as clinical studies for new drugs and medical devices; Clinical Trial Promotion: supporting and managing company- and doctor-led clinical trials; Clinical Research Support: providing consultation, developing projects, and organizing systems for clinical studies; Data and Quality Management: managing data, systems, monitoring, and documents for intervention- and analysis-based clinical studies; Biostatistics: performing statistical analysis; Intellectual Property Management: supporting industry-university cooperation and managing intellectual properties; and Industry-university Cooperation.
These departments support the implementation of efficient and high-quality clinical research projects. We aim to activate clinical studies in Japan by improving their quality so as to be international-level.


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