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Updated : January 14, 2016

Medical Technology Center


Areas 1 & 2:
Clinical Engineers
Area 3:
Dental engineers
Dental hygienists
Physical therapists (PT)
Occupational therapists (OT)
Speech-language-hearing therapists (ST)


Clinical engineers manage life support systems, such as artificial respiration and dialysis equipment, at the Emergency Center and in the ICU. They are also involved with the newest treatment procedures using artificial cardiopulmonary systems, cardiac catheterization, or pacemakers, in addition to the facility-wide management of ME devices.
Clinical engineers are also engaged in perioperative services (assistance for anesthesia and hygiene processes).
Dental engineers create dentures and orthoses for the recovery of oral function, while dental hygienists assist outpatient and perioperative dental services.
Orthoptists perform general examination procedures and intraocular injections.
Speech-language-hearing therapists (ST) engaged in otolaryngology conduct hearing tests, and adjust related devices, such as hearing aids.
Therapists (PT, OT, and ST) engaged in rehabilitation support patients with physical and/or mental dysfunction due to diverse diseases treated in all medical departments to restore their independent lives and social activities.


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