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Updated : September 6, 2017

Nursing Division


Miyuki Takahashi (Nursing Department General Chief)
Keiko Tsujimoto (Nursing Department Vice-General Chief)
Satoko Nishiura(Nursing Department Vice-General Chief)
Mieko Nishiki (Nursing Department Vice-General Chief)
Mari Fukuyama(Nursing Department Vice-General Chief)
Saeko Morita (Nursing Department Vice-General Chief)


We support patients comprehensively from admission to discharge, while making efforts daily to provide safe and patient-centered nursing care.
Our principle:
We give importance to humanity and precious life all times.
Our policy:
1. We protect human dignity and rights.
2. We practice evidence-based nursing as a professional.
3. We make our best efforts to improve the quality of team medicine based on the hospital’s ideas, and participate in its administration.
4. We continuously improve ourselves to provide higher-quality nursing services.
5. As a member of the Department of Nursing of the Nara Medical University Hospital, we enhance our humanity and improve our career


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