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Updated : September 6, 2017

Nutritional Management


Masanori Yoshikawa (Professor of University Hospital)
Chikage Yamaguchi
Mari Omura
Miho Nakao
Nao Nakano
Tsukasa Hayami
Shu Hibara
Michiko Araki
Taku Iwata


Our department is mainly charged with hospital meal management, nutritional education, team medical care, and academic activities:
1. Hospital meal management: regarding diet during hospitalization as part of treatment, we supply secure and safe meals. To create joyful meal environments, we also provide meals for events using seasonal ingredients or birthday parties and those to celebrate childbirth.
2. Nutritional education: we offer various types of meal, based on the doctor’s instructions. For example, we accommodate the needs of patients with lifestyle-related diseases or dysphagia or requiring baby food. Group seminars (for patients with diabetes and renal diseases) are also held within the hospital.
3. Team medical care: as a team member, we participate in the activities of the NST (Nutrition Support Team) and Pressure Ulcer Management Team and services provided at the Diabetes Center and Perioperative Management Center, as well as treatment.
4. Academic activities: we also participate in the activities of each academic society for nutritional research.


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