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Updated : August 7, 2020

Department of Orthopedics


Yasuhito Tanaka
Shohei Omokawa
Kanya Honoki
Akira Kido
Akira Taniguchi
Munehiro Ogawa
Kenji Kawamura
Hideki Shigematsu
Naoki Maegawa
Hiromasa Fujii
Yukako Ishida
Yasuaki Nakanishi
Yoshinobu Uchihara
Masato Tanaka
Takamasa Shimizu
Yusuke Inagaki
Ryota Hara
Kazuya Inoue
Hiroaki Kurokawa
Shinji Tsukamoto
Sachiko Kawasaki
Hironori Sugimoto
Shimpei Kurata


The Department of Orthopedic Surgery was established by the late Dr. Yutaka Onji in 1954. Professor emeritus Susumu Tamai developed through the world first replantation of the thumb in 1965 and the Japan’s first development of total ankle arthroplasty by professor emeritus Yoshinori Takakura in 1975.
Since the appointment of Dr. Yasuhito Tanaka in 2009, we have opened the Susumu Tamai Center for Extremity Injury, the Center for Rheumatic Diseases, and the Rehabilitation Center, and started endowed courses in artificial joints and regenerative medicine, sports medicine, hand surgery, and bone/ soft tissue tumor control and functional reconstruction.
Our department consists of a clinical group focused on legs, hand/ microsurgery, shoulder joint, hip joint, knee joint, spine, bone and soft tissue tumors, pediatric orthopedics, and trauma, in addition to a cross-sectional research group focused on regenerative medicine for bone and cartilage, sports medicine, and rheumatology. We collaborate within and across the institution to make progress in our studies. We are known globally for our research, including the development of our original method of laminoplasty (Nara method) and the first application of mesenchymal stem cells for the prosthesis for artificial joint implants.  Under the slogan of “Liberty and Equality”, all constituent members in our department strongly advance research activities night and day with higher motivation.


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