Laboratory of Bio-Molecular Dynamics, Department of Collaborative Research, Nara Medical University


教授 永森收志  

助教 Wiriyasermkul, Pattama

助教 Kongpracha, Pornparn

特別研究員 森山理美

特別研究員 田中容子

教室職員 坂本千鶴

教室職員 岩谷潤子

学部生 上垣由紀

学部生 下 結香

学部生 中前 和

学部生 竹下沙希

学部生 森 祐貴

Professor Shushi Nagamori  

Assistant Professor Pattama Wiriyasermkul

Assistant Professor Pornparn Kongpracha

Special Researcher Satomi Moriyama

Special Researcher Yoko Tanaka

Secretary Chizuru Sakamoto

Technician Junko Iwatani

Undergraduate      Yuki Uegaki

Undergraduate       Yuika Shimo

Undergraduate        Nodoka Nakamae

Undergraduate       Saki Takeshita

Undergraduate        Yuki Mori




Life uses concentration gradients of substances across membranes. Disequilibrium of substances is generated and maintained by membrane transport proteins. Our laboratory focuses on the research of membrane proteins, especially transporters. In addition to biochemical approaches, we apply the-state-of-art proteomics to study transport mechanisms and physiological roles of transporters. Along with the studies of transporters, we are also interested in complexes of transporters and their interacting proteins in terms of functional relationship.

Biochemistry by using proteoliposomes or Kabacksomes
Proteomics by using Thermo Q-Exactive


Selected papers

  1. Lee Y, Wiriyasermkul P, Jin C, Quan L, Ohgaki R, Okuda S, Kusakizako T, Nishizawa T, Oda K, Ishitani R, Yokoyama T, Nakane T, Shirouzu M, Endou H, Nagamori S, Kanai Y, Nureki O*. Cryo-EM structure of the human L-type amino acid transporter 1 in complex with glycoprotein CD98hc. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2019  https://doi.org/10.1038/s41594-019-0237-7
  2. Ikeda K, Kinoshita M, Kayama H, Nagamori S, Kongpracha P, Umemoto E, Okumura R, Kurakawa T, Murakami M, Mikami N, Shintani Y, Ueno S, Andou A, Ito M, Tsumura H, Yasutomo K, Ozono K, Takashima S, Sakaguchi S, Kanai Y, Takeda K. Slc3a2 mediates branched-chain amino acid-dependent maintenance of regulatory T cells. Cell Rep. 2017;21(7):1824-1838.
  3. Kongpracha P, Nagamori S, Wiriyasermkul P, Tanaka Y, Kaneda K, Okuda S, Ohgaki R, Kanai Y. Structure-activity relationship of a novel series of inhibitors for cancer type transporter L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1). J Pharmacol Sci. 2017;133(2):96-102.
  4. Watabe T, Ikeda H, Nagamori S, Wiriyasermkul P, Tanaka Y, Naka S, Kanai Y, Hagiwara K, Aoki M, Shimosegawa E, Kanai Y, Hatazawa J. 18F-FBPA as a tumor-specific probe of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1): a comparison study with 18F-FDG and 11C-Methionine PET. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imag. 2017;44(2):321-331.
  5. Nagamori S, Wiriyasermkul P, Okuda S, Kojima N, Hari Y, Kiyonaka S, Mori Y, Tominaga H, Ohgaki R, Kanai Y. Structure-activity relations of leucine derivatives reveal critical moieties for cellular uptake and activation of mTORC1-mediated signaling. Amino Acids 2016;48:1045-58.
  6. Nagamori S, Wiriyasermkul P, Espino Guarch M, Okuyama H, Nakagomi S, Tadagaki K, Nishinaka Y, Bodoy S, Takafuji K, Okuda S, Kurokawa J, Ohgaki R, Nunes V, Palacín M, Kanai Y. Novel cystine transporter in renal proximal tubule identified as a missing partner of cystinuria-related plasma membrane protein rBAT/SLC3A1. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2016 ; 113(3):775-80.
  7. Ohgaki R, Wei L, Yamada K, Hara T, Kuriyama C, Okuda S, Ueta K, Shiotani M, Nagamori S, Kanai Y. Interaction of the sodium/glucose cotransporter (SGLT) 2 inhibitor canagliflozin with SGLT1 and SGLT2: inhibition kinetics, sidedness of action, and transporter-associated incorporation accounting for its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic features. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2016; 358(1):94-102.
  8. Wongthai P, Hagiwara K, Miyoshi Y, Wiriyasermkul P, Wei L, Ohgaki R, Kato I, Hamase K, Nagamori S, Kanai Y. Boronophenylalanine, a boron delivery agent for boron neutron capture therapy, is transported by ATB0,+, LAT1 and LAT2. Cancer Sci. 2015;106(3):279-86.
  9. Uetsuka S#, Ogata G#, Nagamori S#,*, Isozumi N, Nin F, Yoshida T, Komune S, Kitahara T, Kikkawa Y, Inohara H, Kanai Y, Hibino H* #Equal contribution, *Corresponding authors. Molecular architecture of the stria vascularis membrane transport system, which is essential for physiological functions of the mammalian cochlea. Eur J Neurosci.201542(3):1984-2002.
  10. Watashi K, Sluder A, Daito T, Matsunaga S, Ryo A, Nagamori S, Iwamoto M, Nakajima S, Tsukuda S, Borroto-Esoda K, Sugiyama M, Tanaka Y, Kanai Y, Kusuhara H, Mizokami M, Wakita T. Cyclosporin A and its analogs inhibit hepatitis B virus entry into cultured hepatocytes through targeting a membrane transporter NTCP. Hepatology 2014; 59(5):1726-37.
  11. Moser M, Nagamori S, Huber M, Tokuda H, Nishiyama K. Glycolipozyme MPIase is essential for topology inversion of SecG during preprotein translocation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2013;110:9734-9.
  12. Khunweeraphong N, Nagamori S, Wiriyasermkul P, Nishinaka Y, Wongthai P, Ohgaki R, Tanaka H, Tominaga H, Sakurai H, Kanai Y. Equal contribution Establishment of stable cell lines with high expression of heterodimers of human 4F2hc and human amino acid transporter LAT1 or LAT2 and delineation of their differential interaction with α-alkyl moieties. J Pharmacol Sci.2012; 119: 368-80
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