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Updated : January 15, 2016

Department of Hand Surgery


Shohei Omokawa, MD. PhD.


The purpose of the Department of Hand Surgery is to elucidate pathogenesis and pathophysiology of various hand and wrist disorders. We will explore and develop novel surgical procedures related to hand surgery field based on the basic research.
First, regarding ulnar wrist pain, of which the diagnosis is often difficult, we will develop new treatment strategies with the use of minimum invasive arthroscopic technique based on the biomechanical rationale.
Second, we will investigate pathokinematics of soft tissue disorders such as tendinopathy and tenosynovitis with the use of ultrasound examination. We will clarify the pathophysiology of these tendon disorders by three-dimensional quantitative measurements of joint and tendon movements.
Third, we will advance hand and finger reconstruction using novel flap surgery based on the previous studies, and further anatomical study will be conducted for exploring new flap reconstructions.
Finally, we will conduct a new clinical trial for difficult problems such as non-union or osteonecrosis of upper extremities with the use of tissue engineering  techniques, which are available at the cell processing center in Nara Medical University.