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Updated : December 25, 2015

Philosophy and Objectives


(constituted on March 8, 1994, partially revised on December 13, 2005)

Our aim is to educate students who will play an active role in medical, nursing, and related areas, facilitate medical and nursing development through advanced research and medical treatment of international standards, and contribute to the community and welfare of humankind.


(constituted on March 8, 1994, partially revised on December 13, 2005)

  1. Undergraduate education at the university aims to cultivate students with originality, flexibility, and a strong sense of humanity who will play an important role in clinical, research, and educational fields in the future, through instilling basic knowledge and skills in medical and nursing fields, as well as bioethics and medical ethics issues.
  2. In the fields of medical, nursing, and related studies, we actively promote original and cutting-edge research with a global and interdisciplinary approach. The graduate school aims to nurture people to become leaders in research, educational, and clinical fields, and to further promote advanced research in each specialized field.
  3. The affiliated hospital, a place for clinical education and lifetime training, addresses the most advanced medical treatments as a leading medical institute for both Nara Prefecture and Japan, with a well-organized system suitable for responding to changing social needs.