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Updated : April 19, 2017

The Department of Clinical English


Bolstad Francesco

Yoshida Yasuhiko

Mathieson Paul


From 2016 all of the various English faculty members at Nara Medical
University have been incorporated under the auspices of the Department of
Clinical English. This marks not just a theoretical, but a pragmatic evolution
to the functioning of the department. In-line with the objectives of the
university and the presidents declared dedication to achieving the highest
level of English education for our students, the department focusses first and
foremostly on the heuristic education of students. It is the goal of the
department to eventually enable our students not only to perform their medical
duties in English, but also to learn and communicate through the medium of
English. Towards these ends the department is engaged in ongoing pedagogic
research concerning various aspects of clinical English education.
Specifically, the department is interested in research into the flowing areas
of applied linguistics: English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Vocabulary
learning and education, Instructional methods for attaining fluency, Content
based education and teacher collaboration.