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Updated : September 6, 2017

Department of Future Basic Medicine


Takahiko Nakagawa (Research Professor)
Eiichiro Mori (Special-appointed Lecturer)


Our goal is to understand human diseases from molecules and cells to organs and whole body system. We will utilize biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics to achieve this goal.
1. Organoids: To study human diseases at organ level, we combine organoids (organ-in-a-dish from ES/iPS cells) and CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing.
2. Kidney Disease: We are trying to elucidate the mechanism of kidney disease, especially diabetic nephropathy.
3. Uric Acid Metabolism: We are interested in the uric acid metabolism and its effect on various organs in the whole body.
4. Low complexity domain: We are working on the biological function of low complexity (LC) domain, which is found in about 10% of human proteome.


Our website is here( External link )