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Updated : January 14, 2016

Department of Maternity Nursing and Midwifery

 (Women’s Health and Midwifery)


Toshiko Igarashi (Professor)
Nobuko Nakanishi (Associate Professor)
Kanami Yamana (Lecturer)
Tsubura Inui (Lecturer)
Mari Morikane (Assistant Professor)
Mari Okayama (Assistant Professor)


We conduct studies to examine womens' health, focusing on life stages, such as “Promotion of the Health of Menopausal Women”, and those to create appropriate environments for  woman-centered delivery and nursing, such as “Pregnant Womens' Selection of Birth Place and Options”. We are also engaged in studies for the development of midwifery techniques, such as “Evidence-based Midwifery Care”, “Mother’s and Children’s Sleep during the Pregnancy and  Postpartum Periods”, and “Methods to Reduce Pregnant Womens’ Stress”, and those on maternity nursing and midwifery students’ learning processes and effective methods of practice and training for them, such as “Usefulness of the OSCE before Midwifery Course Completion at Graduate Schools”.