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Updated : March 15, 2018

Laboratory of Bio-Molecular Dynamics


Shushi Nagamori (Professor)
Kasahara Masato (Professor)
Kongpracha, Pornparn (Assistant Professor)
Wiriyasermkul, Pattama (Assistant Professor)
Moriyama Satomi(Special Researcher)
Tanaka Yoko (postdoctoral researcher)


Life uses concentration gradients of substances across membranes. Disequilibrium of substances is generated and maintained by membrane transport proteins. Our laboratory focuses on the research of membrane proteins, especially transporters. In addition to biochemical approaches, we apply the-state-of-art proteomics to study transport mechanisms and physiological roles of transporters. Along with the studies of transporters, we are also interested in complexes of transporters and their interacting proteins in terms of functional relationship.


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