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Updated : December 25, 2015

Faculty of Nursing

Educational Philosophy

The duty of the nurse is to help the individual, family, or community cope with health problems. The duty can be accomplished by humanitarianism based on trust in human relationship and human caring.The nursing professionals are required to assume their role and responsibility fully, pursue advanced professional knowledge and skills in nursing, and acquire the capability of providing nursing care. The Faculty of Nursing provides students with education to acquire broader knowledge and global literacy, meet the ever-changing health needs and work effectively in the community in close alliance with medical, welfare and allied health care professionals.

Succession and Development of Practical Nursing Skills

The Faculty of Nursing facilitates the succession and development of science and art of nursing and the promotion of nursing research in accordance with the ongoing childless aging society and the advancement of specialized health care.

Cultivation of the Mind

The Faculty of Nursing cultivates the mind so that it can have a profound understanding of human existence and the dignity of human life.

Fostering Global Literacy

The Faculty of Nursing fosters global literacy which enables students to engage in nursing education, research, and practice from the broad point of view.

Co-operation with the Discipline of Medical Education

The Facultyl will continue to work cooperatively with the Facultyl of Medicine to broaden the role of nursing and promote multi-disciplinary health care.

Contribution to the Community

The Faculty of Nursing will produce nursing and midwifery professionals with advanced competency as well as contribute to the health, medical care and welfare of the community through the efforts such as public lectures.

  • The Faculty of Nursing is founded as a department of Nara Medical University
  • Number of enrollment (freshman) 80
  • Number of transfer students (junior year) 15
  • Total number of students 350
  • Length of course 4 years


Students are required to collect at least 129 credits includeing 83 credits from nursing subjects to graduate. The Faculty of Nursing offers a Bachelor's Degree Program in Nursing which requires 4 years in length. They can take the national licensing examination of registered nurses and public health nurses. Upon successful completion of the licensing examination, graduates may legally practice as registered nuses, public health nurses or midwives.

Subjects and Departments


Human Development Theory / Pedagogy / Psychology / Bioethics / Counseling / Philosophy / Literature in the Manyo period and Nara Culture

Social Science

Health Related Law / Social Welfare / Health-and Welfare Policy / Anthoropology / Family Sociology /

Life and Environment

Microbiology / Epidemiology / Public Hygiene / Health Statistics / Biology / Chemistry /


Pathology / Physiology / Anatomy / Physical Education / Physical Science / Biochemistry / Dietetics / Phrmacology

Global Literacy

English / English writing and speaking skill / Japanese writing skill / German / Korean / Chinese / Global Awareness /

Nursing Science

Basic Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Adult Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice/ Pediatric Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Gerontological Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Psychiatric Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Maternal Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Community Health Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Home Care Nursing Theory and Clinical Practice / Nursing Research / Infectious Disease Control in Nursing / Health Education / Terminal Care / Rehabilitation Nursing / Nursing Administration / Nursing Management / Disaster Nursing / Team Medical Care / International Narsing

Graduation Requirements

Academic Domain





6 credits

4 credits

10 credits

Social Science

6 credits

1 credits

7 credits

Life and Environment

5 credits

1 credits

6 credits


17 credits

0 credit

17 credits

Global Literacy

4 credits

2 credits

6 credits

Nursing Science

83 credits

0 credits

83 credits


121 credits

8 credits

129 credits

Academic Calendar


Beginning of the academic year (4月1日)
Extracurricular training (1st year students)
Orientation for the 1st year students
First semester begins


Foundation day (5月15日)




First semester examination
Summer vacation


Transfer students' entrance examination


End of the first semester


Second semester begins


Selective entrance examination (recommendation)


Winter vacation


Examination by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations


First entrance examination


Second entrance examination
Graduation ceremony
Spring vacation
End of the academic year (3月31日)