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Updated : December 25, 2015

Faculty of Medicine

Nara Medical University, with the goals of cultivating students with originality and a strong sense of humanity who will then go on to contribute to research, medical and health fields and play an important role in medicine and the welfare of humankind in the future, aims to instill basic knowledge, attitudes, and conventions in medicine and medical treatment, and build a foundation for lifelong learning.


Nara Medical University has a six-years education system aimed to instill essential knowledge and skills and discover a sense of humanity in order to be a medical scholar or doctor. The education system consists of a general education and professional education, and the curriculum shows the following.


Basic Medicine

Clinical Medicine

General Education

During the first year and the first term of the seond year, students will take courses in leberal arts to learn general subjects and basic medical knowledge. Students will also receive special medical lectures by professors in basic and clinical medicine, which will help students become conscious of the fact htat they will become physicians in the near future.

Professional Education

The aim of the course is to cultivate students with a strong sense of humanity, specialist knowledge, techniques and skills through education in the three principal medical field: basic medicine -the foundation of medicine and medical treatment, social medicine that explores the relationship between medical knowledge, techniques, and applied skills.

We provide community-based clinical training programs, which put an include on-site comprehensive medical training at a clinic in the mountain region and attendant training in an ambulance at night.

The professional education course also includes problem-solving type tutorial education programs, integrated clinical lectures provided for each type of organ disorder, and clinical training for enhancing clinical competence.

Academic Calendar


Beginning of the academic year (4月1日)
Orientation for the1st year students
First semester begins


Foundation day (5月15日)




Summer vacation


West Japan Medical Student Sports Competition


Second semester begins
Memorial service for body donors






Winter vacation


Third semester begins
Examination by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations


Selective entrance examination (recommendation)
First entrance examination


Second entrance examination
Graduation ceremony
Spring vacation
End of the academic year (3月31日)