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Updated : July 17, 2020

Advanced Medical Research Center

Advanced Medical Research Center

Advanced Medical Research Center was built in 2004 in order not only to respond demands of times and present more inventive research results, but also to contribute to social communities in applying clinical practices. This center consists of four research laboratories -"Laboratory Animal", "Medical Genetics", "Radioisotope" and "Research Core Facilities", and three research units -"Medical Informatics", "Neural System Research" and "Cardiovascular System Research". Shared-use research facilities enabled us to carry out collaborative researches, especially leading-edged researches in hi-technology fields, and our research projects have been greatly expected to develop studies of medical sciences and medical practices.

Research Center

  • Radioisotope
        In radioisotope laboratory, hi-sensitive measurements of radiation or chemiluminescence, fluorescence measurements which are excellent at real time imaging or three-dimensional imaging and cell culture apparatus are well-equipped. Using these measurement systems, we are carrying out molecular analyses of patients with various obstinate diseases and developing clinical treatment methods for each case.
  • Medical Genetics
        We are carrying out a diversity of recombinant DNA experiments which include not only fundamental experiments such as DNA repair but also clinical application using virus vector or ips cells, comply with the Cartagena Law (Law Concerning the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity through Regulations on the Use of Living Modified Organisms). Due to several large-scale research equipments placed in a shared-space, a lot of researchers are jointly using them in the collaborative spirit.
  • Laboratory Animal
        Laboratory Animal is a main research facility which provides a place to conduct legitimate animal experiments for researches and education in medical sciences as well as to raise genetically or microbially controlled animals and genetically modified animals. We are also devising new types of experimental animals and animal experiment models and techniques.
  • Research Core Facilities
        Research Core Facilities are placed as central share-used research facilities, aiming to improve and promote overall researches and education in the university.