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Updated : September 16, 2020

The Course of Sports Medicine


Yasuhito Tanaka
Munehiro Ogawa
Kazuya Inoue


We develop techniques for endoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries, which are attracting attention as minimally invasive surgical procedures that allow the early resumption of sports and social activities, and verify their effectiveness. Placing importance on sports screening tests for the early identification and prevention of sports injuries, as well as the diffusion of knowledge of these injuries among instructors, we hold “Nara Sports Screening” once a year. We also conduct ultrasonography to screen for upper limb injuries, represented by pitcher’s elbow, and those of lower limbs, such as Osgood disease, Jones fractures, and anterior cruciate ligament injuries. At the same time, we provide guidance for stretching to assess flexibility and dynamic balance, with a view to improving athletes’ and instructors’ performance while preventing injuries through these screenings. In addition, we will actively provide approaches for the prevention of injuries in actual sports settings, including: training athletic trainers, establishing organizations to promote collaboration with sports doctors, and providing education to prevent sports injuries at sports facilities for health promotion in communities.