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Updated : September 6, 2017

Nara Prefectural Health Research Center


Hiroshi Hosoi (Director)
Keigo Saeki (Manager)
Kimiko Tomioka (Special-appointed Associate Professor)


This center aims to support community residents’ self-care by cooperating with health promotion projects implemented by municipalities, while offering appropriate information and research outcomes related to preventive medicine and health promotion. In short, it is charged with the task of contributing to the community, with the keyword “healthy longevity” as our main research theme.
We support and supervise questionnaire surveys conducted by municipalities, and share the results of our analyses of health-related data with them, as well as academic societies through research papers. For example, we have reported that participating in social activities and having hobbies and a purpose in life (in Japanese, ikigai) are factors promoting residents’ healthy longevity. As future perspectives, we aim to clarify factors contributing to the reduction of social health insurance costs through cooperation with municipalities.

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