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Updated : January 15, 2016

Nursing Career Support Center


Director Miyuki Takahashi (Nursing Department General Chief)
Vice-Director Kiyoko Jikumaru (Nursing Department Chief)
Deputy Director Etsuko Uehara (full-time)
Center staff Kazue Sawami (Nursing Department Concurrent Associate Professor)
Mineko Yamaguchi (Nursing Department Concurrent Manager)
Masakatsu Kuranishi (concurrent)


This center aims to nurture nursing professionals who will contribute to community-based medical services by improving their practical abilities and supporting their lifelong career. In line with this, it provides support for both nursing students and nurses in the domains of education, research, and training. It also helps them develop nursing knowledge and skills to become a certified or specialized nurse.
In addition, workshops for community-based nurses to improve their knowledge and skills are held at the center through collaboration with nursing associations.


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