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Updated : August 22, 2019

Department of Biology(Cellular Interactions)


Akira Nagafuchi
Chiyoko Kobayashi
Satoshi Urayama


In this department, importance is given to the process of “learning, observing, and developing thoughts”. In order to learn about organisms, it is important to sufficiently observe them after appropriately understanding their complexity and finally define the basic principles of life.
Regarding educational aspects, we aim to help students learn the process of “learning and observing” through the Basic Biological Experiments (Biological Practice) Course, as well as the exquisite complexity of the organism and wonders of life through the Introduction to Life Science Course. Those assigned to the laboratory are expected to develop research skills through experiments in actual settings.
In the research area, we conduct studies with high originality from the viewpoint of cell biology, such as those to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cell-to-cell adhesion, with the aim of clarifying the basic principles of formation in multicellular animals.


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