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Updated : January 12, 2016

Department of Mathematics


Yoshio Fujimoto (Professor)
Ryo Kawaguchi (Assistant Professor)


Both Professors Fujimoto and Kawaguchi specialize in algebraic geometry (a research area to examine geometric targets defined as the zero-locus of algebraic equations), and their research covers all areas, such as algebra, geometry, and analysis. Beginning with the introduction of coordinates by Descartes, algebraic geometry has a long history, and is still actively developing in our time, as represented by the recent proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. In fact, all 3 Japanese Fields Medal winners belong to this area. Currently, Professor Fujimoto is examining the structures of elliptical fiber spaces and projective algebraic varieties with non-isomorphic subjective endomorphisms based on the classification theory of algebraic varieties, while Professor Kawaguchi is addressing the gonality of algebraic curves and structure of toric varieties using algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and the polyhedral theory.