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Updated : April 19, 2017

Second Department of Anatomy

(Molecular and Functional Morphology)


Akio Wanaka (Professor)
Kouko Tatsumi (Associate Professor)
Tatsuhide Tanaka (Lecturer)
Shoko Morita-Takemura (Assistant Professor)


We are working in the neuroscience research field. We focus on the functions of glial cells and vascular cells that support and modulate neuronal activities under physiological and pathological conditions. Behavioral studies using transgenic and knockout mice, histological analyses, optogenetics, and biochemical and molecular biological experiments are main tools that we employ to reach the goal.
Main research subjects are 1) Morphological plasticity and functions of astrocytes in the globus pallidus with special reference to Parkinson’s disease. 2) Gliotransmitter functions in neuron-astrocyte interactions. 3) Functional significances of angiogenesis in the circumventricular organs in the brain.


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