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Updated : April 19, 2017

Department of Pharmacology

 (Signal Transduction in Pharmacology )


Masanori Yoshizumi (Professor)
Minoru Isosaki (Assistant Professor)
Yoji Kyotani (Assistant Professor)
Jing Zhao(Assistant Professor)


Our current research interests are focused on the fields of cardiovascular and neuro-psycho pharmacology. We are exploring these topics mainly as follows: 1) Role of oxidative stresses and signal transduction in cardiovascular diseases. 2) Athero-protective effects of anti-oxidative functional food nutrients. 3) Protein modification by oxidative stresses in neuro-degenerative diseases. To approach our goals, we employ biochemical, biophysical and molecular techniques using cultured cells, tissues and animal models. We hope our research may provide novel pharmacological therapeutics for the treatment of various diseases.


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