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Updated : September 6, 2017

Medical Birth Center (Yume)


Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi


The Medical Birth Center is organized within the Nara Medical University Hospital as a nursing unit, relocated to a new building in September 2016, and consisting of 8 individual rooms.
At the center, care for pregnant and postpartum females with a normal course and newborns is led by midwives. Doctors and midwives alternately conduct health examination for pregnant females, who will be accompanied by their families, in addition to midwives, on delivery. When abnormalities are identified during the pregnancy or delivery period, they will be transferred to the obstetric ward within the same building, while maintaining appropriate contact with the doctor in charge. Located within a university hospital, the center creates an at-home atmosphere, and simultaneously enhances the sense of security by ensuring the immediate provision of care in the case of abnormalities.

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