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Updated : June 17, 2019

Department of Urology


Kiyohide Fujimoto (Professor)
Nobumichi Tanaka (Associate Professor)
Tatsuo Yoneda (Professor of University Hospital)
Katsuya Aoki (Lecturer)
Kazumasa Torimoto (Lecturer)
Satoshi Anai (Lecturer)
Takeshi Inoue (Assistant Professor)
Makito Miyake (Assistant Professor)
Yasushi Nakai (Assistant Professor)


1. Urological cancers
Urothelial cancer:
・Development of systems for urine cytology combining photodynamic diagnosis and the FISH method
・Analysis of epigenetic changes in bladder cancer
・Development of anti-PD-1/ PD-L1 antibody therapy methods for patients with advanced urothelial cancer
・Research on immune cells in the microenvironment
・Establishment of endoscopic surgery and post-operative therapy methods for patients with high-risk bladder cancer
Renal cancer:
・Research on the mechanisms of immunoregulation in patients with advanced renal cancer
・Establishment of methods to administer molecular target drugs at optimal doses to patients with  advanced renal cancer
・Establishment of nephron-sparing treatment with non-ischemic partial nephrectomy
Prostate cancer:
・Development of immunotherapy methods for patients with castration- and chemotherapy-refractory prostate cancer
・Research on the usefulness of various radiation sources in brachytherapy
・Research on PSA-monitoring therapy for patients with low-risk prostate cancer
・Analysis of host environment factors and enterobacteria associated with the development of prostate cancer
2. Dysuria
・Development of new portable urine flow meters and research on their clinical usefulness
・Research on the association between dysuria and sleep disorders
・Research on the effects of treatment using β3-receptor agonist and anticholinergics in patients with overactive bladder
3. Renal transplantation and dialysis
・Development of new immunosuppressive therapy methods for patients undergoing renal transplantation
・Establishment of methods to prevent complications in dialysis patients
4. Pediatrics
・Development of biomarkers for pediatric lower urinary tract symptoms and enuresis
5. Urinary tract infection
・Development of devices for the rapid diagnosis of sexually transmitted infectious diseases


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