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Updated : September 30, 2022

Acute Phase Adult Nursing


Mihoko Ishizawa
Tsunemi Matsuda
Hiromi Moriwaki
Erina Horii


The Acute Phase Adult Nursing course targets young adults and the middle-/late middle-aged with health disorders, especially those who have experienced a rapid worsening of their health condition, such as an unexpected accident, onset of a disease, aggravation of a chronic disease, or surgery, as the recipients of nursing care. It is a domain to clarify the influences of health level and health disorders on the everyday behaviors of these people, with their characteristics taken into account, and to develop nursing support for them to live their lives in their own way.

The main research topics are pressure ulcers, pressure wounds caused by medical devices, wound management, stoma and incontinence management, clinical skin care as part of foot care, and excretory management. Now that community-based health care through collaboration is considered essential, the research activities in this course are also expanded to home settings, in addition to critical care.