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Updated : August 14, 2019

Acute Phase Adult Nursing


Mihoko Ishizawa (Professor)
Tsuyako Nagata (Lecturer)
Yoko Satake(Lecturer)
Hiromi Moriwaki(Assistant Professor)


In acute phase adult nursing, we provide care for adolescent to middle-aged patients with acute conditions such as accidents, sudden disease development, rapid disease progression, and surgery. In consideration of their characteristics, it aims to clarify the influences of the health status and related problems on daily living patterns as a basis for the development of nursing support for their life-fulfillment.
In terms of research, we specifically focus on medical device-related pressure ulcers in order to develop a program to prevent and provide adequate care for skin conditions in the field of critical care. In addition, we are also investigating the role of home care given the need for collaborative support within the field of community medicine. In addition, we are engaged in research activities related to perioperative nursing and emergency nursing.