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Updated : July 21, 2021

Home Care nursing


Kumiko Kotake (Professor)
Mami Kurita (Lecturer, Community nurses)
June Nishimori (Assistant Professor)
Kaori Haba (Assistant Professor)


Home care nursing is performed at ‘home’ as a place where one lives. For care-receivers with widely varying health levels and the people surrounding them, such as family members, it provides preventive care and care for health maintenance and recovery, as well as a peaceful end of life. Home care nursing is also a field of study to learn the basics of nursing. It aims to promote understanding of care-receivers’ and their families’ emotions to help them fulfill themselves by supporting their daily lives. It also nurtures learners’ spirit of inquiry to develop appropriate insight into nursing.

<Main research and educational activities currently underway>
・ RCT intervention-based studies on psychological adjustment of and social support for laryngectomized persons
・ Status surveys on end-of-life home care in Nara Prefecture
・ Studies on visiting nurses’ clinical assessments
・ Studies on cochlear implant use in acquired hearing loss
・ A home care nursing education special program (a specialized, comprehensive educational program for home care nursing, targeting third-year undergraduate students to those in their fourth year after graduation)
・ A home care nursing education program (a nursing care trainning exchange program between hospital and home visiting nurses)