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Updated : July 17, 2020

Department of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing


Mari KAZAMA(Professor)
Akiko HASHIMOTO(Lecturer)
Jun OKUDA(Lecturer)


In order to provide care aimed at the recovery of patients with mental illnesses, we focus on educating nurses to deepen their understanding of the patient population, and to understand the theories and perspectives of nursing care for these patients. We train nurses such that they are able to 1) provide care for patients to help them continue living in their community, and 2) take into account what is needed from the community and the hospital in order to provide continuous support to patients. We specifically focus on the involvement of nurses with respect to ethical considerations, interaction with patients with mental illnesses, and the mental health needs of the patients. Our research interests include stigma and smartphone dependency among university students, sexuality issues in individuals with mental disorders, nursing education based on the Trieste model to better understand the patient population, and home care nursing services and support required to prevent recidivism for patients receiving forensic outpatient treatment based on the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act.