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Updated : August 1, 2023

Department of Epidemiology


Keigo Saeki (Professor)
Kenji Obayashi (Associate Professor)
Yoshiaki Tai (Lecturer)
Yuki Yamagami (Assistant Professor)


Our primary interest includes the influence of environmental factors on biological rhythms and its long-term effect on disease incidence. In our community-based prospective cohort study (the HEIJO-KYO study) including over 3,000 participants aged 40 years or older, we measured indoor temperature, light intensity, physical activity, and food intake as important exposures, and investigate the associations with circadian biological rhythm parameters (e.g. ambulatory blood pressure, objective sleep measures, body temperature, and melatonin excretion) and disease incidence such as obesity, diabetes, sleep disturbances, depressive symptoms, dementia, stroke, ischemic heart disease, and cancer. Specifically, we focus on time-dependent and variability analyses for these parameters.


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