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Updated : August 10, 2022

Department of Physiology II


Kyoji Horie(Professor)
Kimihiko Banno(Lecturer)
Junko Yoshida(Assistant Professor)


ES/iPS cells are pluripotent, and can be differentiated into various cell lineages. The clarification of factors defining such pluripotency is crucial for their application to regenerative medicine. Up to the present, we have developed techniques to rapidly disrupt their genes and analyze the influence of such disruption. Using these techniques, we have also established disrupted cell lines for approximately 200 genes, and identified those defining pluripotency by systematically examining the influence of gene disruption on the differentiation potential. Furthermore, adopting new genomic editing technologies, such as the CRISPR/Cas9 system, we are trying to disrupt all genes, with the aim of developing a comprehensive understanding of pluripotency.


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