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Updated : April 2, 2020

Department of Legal Medicine


Shogo Kasuda (Professor)
Risa Kudo (Lecturer)
Katsuya Yuui (Assistant professor)


In forensic medicine, we determine the cause of death in cases of unnatural death. There are approximately 10,000 deaths in Nara prefecture annually, and approximately 1,800 are investigated by the police as unnatural deaths (e.g. death caused by suicide, homicide, accident, or medical errors, and sudden death due to an unknown cause). Our group performs autopsies for approximately 10% of these cases. In terms of research, our goal is to improve our practice by examining a number of historical cases to identify novel indicators that will help determine the cause of death. Our research interests also include sudden and unexpected natural deaths caused by alcohol. Furthermore, we are using a murine model of sepsis to establish forensic diagnostic methods for sepsis.


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