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Updated : August 22, 2019

Department of Anatomy I


Mayumi Nishi (Professor)
Noriko Horii-Hayashi (Lecturer)
Cho Azuma (Lecturer)
Nozomi Endo (Research Assistant Professor)


Modern society is also called a stressful society. Declined or impaired stress management systems are associated with the development of mental disorders, represented by depression and PTSD, as a serious social issue. As stress due to causes, such as abuse, during childhood is regarded as one of the highest-level risk factors of these disorders, we aim to clarify molecular bases explaining the effects of early life stress on neural circuit formation, brain plasticity, and endocrine regulatory mechanisms after growth. In line with this, we conduct research on gene-environment interactions at the molecular to behavioral level of the biological hierarchy. Particularly focusing on the neural circuitry of hypothalamic-limbic system, we are studying regulatory mechanisms of emotion affected by stress with multidisciplinary approaching.


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