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Updated : August 1, 2023

Department of Public Health, Health Management and Policy


Tomoaki Imamura (Professor and Chair)
Tetsuya Noda (Senior Associate Professor)
Tomoya Myojin (Associate Professor)
Yuichi Nishioka (Assistant Professor)


1. Investigating and Analyzing Challenges relevant to Healthcare and the Policy and Management:

  • Examination of and proposals for measures to implement healthcare plans, nursing care operational plans, local healthcare initiatives, and community-based comprehensive healthcare
  • Analyses of the national database (NDB) of the Japanese reimbursement system (receipt database)
  • Estimation of the number of HIV and intractable disease patients
  • Estimation of resources of healthcare providers, such as uneven distribution of medical doctors and nurses and estimation on their supply and demand
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and WHO to revise the ICD 10 to the ICD 11
  • Others



2. Studies of Risk Communication related to Food Defense and Healthcare


  • Research of and proposals for preventive measures against food contamination by intent and food terrorism
  • Research of risk communication to prevent social overreaction to the risk of foods and healthcare
  • Cohort studies on the adverse health effects of dioxins
  • Others


3. Health Economics, Hospital Management and Administration

  • Analysis of and proposal for the efforts and approaches of hospital management and reform
  • Research of healthcare communication, and the relationship between healthcare providers and patients
  • Others


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