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Updated : September 27, 2023

Department of Biochemistry


Shuhei Nakamura (Professor)
Akiyo Yamauchi (Assistant Professor)
Mai Makino (Assistant Professor)
Takayuki Shima (Assistant Professor)


In our research lab, we conduct research with staff and students from diverse backgrounds to solve the great mystery of “Why do living organisms age?”. As aging is the largest risk factor for many diseases, such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, elucidating the mechanism of aging itself may help prevent the development and progression of these diseases, and extend healthy life spans. Our previous studies have shown that “autophagy”, an intracellular degradation system, plays a key role in controlling aging, and we hope to clarify the mechanism of aging through understanding this system. Based on the obtained findings, we aspire to create new seeds for extending healthy life expectancy and overcoming age-related diseases in the future.


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