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Updated : July 21, 2021

Department of Pathogen, Infection and Immunity


Masahide Yoshikawa (Professor)
Yukiteru Ouji (Associate Professor)
Tomotaka Kitamura (Assistant Professor)
Tomoko Nishimura (Assistant Professor)


We have three research themes. The first is clinical studies on parasitic diseases, which are also important to educate students and physicians. The second is experimental studies on the development of schistosome in intermediate host snails, which is necessary to find a clue of eradicating schistosomiasis. The third is the differentiation of stem cells, specially that from pluripotent stem cells, which is quite different from the previous two, Currently, we are trying to find the efficient methods for induction of the inner ear hair cells and lung cells. We are also interested in examining the mechanisms of hair growth.


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