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Updated : June 28, 2021

Department of Embryology


Kazuki Kurimoto (Professor)
Hisato Kobayashi (Associate professor)
Hiroki Ikeda (Assistant professor) 
So Nagaoka (Assistant professor)


All of the cells in our body originate from the single fertilized eggs and have essentially the same genomic information.  Ontogenesis (i.e., development of your body) generates diverse cell types from the egg, and among them, germ cells (i.e., sperm and eggs) are the special cell types that have competence to transmit genomic information and developmental potency to the next generation.  During the development of individuals and germ cells, genome should be regulated through complex processes, of which precise mechanism is unknown.  We investigate the mechanisms of genomic regulation of development through developing analytical methods for transcriptome and epigenome in small cell numbers, including single cells, because development often shows such small number of cells playing critical roles.  Our research will improve our knowledge on how yours bodies are shaped and how your hereditary information has been transmitted from your parents and will be transmitted to your children.


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