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Updated : August 1, 2023

Department of Anesthesiology (Stress Control and Biological Management Science)


Masahiko Kawaguchi (Professor)
Toshiaki Shinomiya (Professor of University Hospital)
Keisuke Watanabe (Professor of University Hospital)
Junji Egawa (Associate Professor)
Hironobu Hayashi (Lecturer)
Yusuke Naito (Lecturer)
Tadashi Nishiwada (Lecturer)
Nobuhiro Tanaka (Lecturer)
Aki Fujiwara (Lecturer)
Tsunenori Takatani (Lecturer)
Mitsuru Ida (Lecturer)
Ryuichi Abe (AssistantProfessor)
Yasumitsu Nomura (AssistantProfessor)
Shota Sonobe (Assistant Professor)
Keiko Uemura (Assistant Professor)
Taichi Kotani (Assistant Professor)
Hideaki Kawanishi (Assistant Professor)
Akane Kinomoto (Assistant Professor)
Yuki Ogawa (Assistant Professor)
Kie Yoshimura (Assistant Professor)
Makiko Konda (Assistant Professor)
Hideki Matsuura (Assistant Professor)
Ayako Oi (Assistant Professor)
Sayuri Kawase (Assistant Professor)
Yuma Kadoya (Assistant Professor)
Takanori Suzuka (Assistant Professor)
Seira Nishii (Assistant Professor)
Yukyo Sakamoto (Assistant Professor)


We conduct clinical and basis research on perioperative management, intensive care, and pain management, while being engaged in medical services, such as surgical anesthesia, intensive care, pain clinic, and palliative care. Our clinical research mainly addresses neurophysiological monitoring, cerebral circulation and metabolism monitoring, perioperative complications, cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia, the quality of medical services, and hemodialysis, while our basic research focuses on neuroprotection, cancer control, thrombosis and hemostasis, and pain mechanisms. Systematic reviews and multicenter joint research are also conducted.


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