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Updated : August 25, 2023



Akira Kido
Yusuke Inagaki
Yukako Ishida
Yasuyo Kobayashi
Azusa Yoneda
Kenichiro Saito
Shinji Tsukamoto
Marina Ito
Maki Ozaki


In rehabilitation medicine, we treat dismobility that results from any disease. Dismobility includes the inability to walk, perform detailed tasks, talk, or eat. Physiatrists lead teams to provide comprehensive medical management with the aim of improving functional disorders that result from disease and to recover from disorders.

Our activities include: analysis to characterize perioperative physical activity and perioperative remote monitoring using IoT devices and portable accelerometers for impairments associated with various diseases; perioperative prehabilitation; and studies for the treatment of multiple disabilities associated with cancer, including bone metastasis.


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