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Updated : August 21, 2019

Department of Radiation Oncology


Masatoshi Hasegawa (Professor and Chairman)
Tetsuro Tamamoto (Associate Professor)
Isao Asakawa (Associate Professor)
Sachiko Miura (Assistant Professor)
Nobuhide Wakai (Assistant Professor)
Kaori Yamaki (Assistant Professor)


In the field of radiation oncology, we conduct various types of clinical (such as the standardization, individualization, and optimization of high-precision radiotherapy, including intensity-modulated radiotherapy, and image-guided radiotherapy, in addition to treatment-related information processing) and basic (radiation biology to examine radiation sensitivity and dose fractionation, molecular biology to address low- and high-LET radiotherapy targeting cancer stem cells, and others) research on the newest radiotherapy methods. Furthermore, in the field of nuclear medicine, we conduct research (respiratory nuclear medicine, FDG-PET, and others) on various types of examination and treatment using radioactive isotopes.


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