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Updated : August 30, 2022

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Tadaaki Kirita (Professor)
Nobuhiro Yamakawa (Associate Professor)
Takahiro Yagyuu (Lecturer)
Satoshi Horita (Lecturer)
Masayoshi Kawakami (Lecturer)
Nobuhiro Ueda (Lecturer)
Yousuke Nakagawa (Assistant Professor)
Hiroshi Nakamura (Assistant Professor)


We mainly study the clinical and molecular pathology of oral cancer, oral and maxillofacial reconstruction, and maxillofacial bone regeneration using tissue engineering.
1. Research on the development mechanisms and genetics of oral cancer
2. Research for the establishment and evaluation of methods for esthetic and functional reconstruction of the oral and maxillofacial regions after removal of advanced oral cancer
3. Research to confirm the effect of chemoradiotherapy and organ preservation in advanced oral cancer
4. Research on fixation methods for maxillofacial fractures based on biomechanics
5. Research on regenerative medicine using tissue engineering for maxillofacial bones
6. Basic and clinical research on the pathology and treatment of temporomandibular disorders
7. Research on the pathology of bone resorption inhibitor-related osteonecrosis of the jaw and associated factors
8. Research on malignant transformation of oral potentially malignant disorders
9. Biological research on dental implants
10. Research on surgical simulations for jawbone reconstruction
11. Research on perioperative oral management for patients with systemic diseases
12. Basic and Molecular Biological Study of Cleft lip and Palate


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