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Updated : July 21, 2021

Department of Psychiatry

(Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience)


Manabu Makinodan
Takahira Yamauchi
Sohei Kimoto


To elucidate the pathology of mental disorders and establish new treatment methods, we multifacetedly conduct research on: 1. the pathology of mental disorders using patient-derived iPS cells, animal models and postmortem brains, adopting molecular biological and electrophysiological techniques and based on the latest findings in neuroscience; 2. pathology of a broad range of diseases, including senile dementia and childhood diseases, using MRI, NIRS, ERP and smooth pursuit eye movement test as clinical imaging and physiological research technologies; and 3. development of methods of cognitive functional rehabilitation for patients with schizophrenia or autism spectrum disorder using PC game programs. It is nationally rare for a single department to perform such multifaceted research activities. In each field, we conduct top-level studies, and publish their outcomes in major international journals.


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