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Updated : July 21, 2021

Cardiovascular Medicine


Yoshihiko Saito (Professor)
Makoto Watanabe(Associate Professor)
Kenji Onoue(Lecturer)


We think that it is important to learn clinical question and the answer from patients. Therefore, we have conducted clinical or basic research focusing on clinical practice. Above all, in the research regarding optical coherence tomography (OCT) for ischemic heart disease, we are proud of our contribution to this field and more than 10 research are currently in progress.
We also have conducted a registration study of heart failure, in which more than 1000 cases are registered, and our studies were published in more than 10 international journals so far. In addition, a research on cardiorenal linkages in both clinical and basic field has also been highly evaluated.
Furthermore, we had conducted a large randomized clinical study regarding the effect of low dose aspirin on patients with diabetes, and it was published in one of the most famous journals, JAMA. In the future, we are working on big data analysis.


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