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Updated : August 4, 2023

Department of Urology


Kiyohide Fujimoto (Professor)
Nobumichi Tanaka (Professor of Endowed course: Prostate branchytherapy)
Tatsuo Yoneda (Professor of University Hospital: Unit of Dialysis)
Kazumasa Torimoto (Associate Professor)
Makito Miyake (Lecturer)
Yasushi Nakai (Lecturer)
Daisuke Goto (Assistant Professor)
Shunta Hori (Assistant Professor)
Yosuke Morizawa(Assistant Professor)
Kenta Onishi(Assistant Professor)
Takuto Shimizu(Assistant Professor)


1.Urogenital tumors
・Development of novel urine cytology systems based on photodynamic diagnosis
・Research on immune cells and immune responses in the tumor microenvironment of urothelial carcinoma
・Establishment of endoscopic surgery and postoperative therapies for high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
・Development of new regimens of hormonal therapy and chemotherapy for castration-resistant prostate cancer
・Research on brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy for high risk localized prostate cancer
・Analysis of host environmental factors and intestinal microflora associated with development of prostate cancer
・Research on immune-regulatory mechanisms in patients with advanced kidney cancer
・Establishment of optimal molecular target drug therapy for advanced kidney cancer

2. Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
・Electroencephalographic study with the use of on the effectiveness of desmopressin oral administration
to reduce the nocturnal urine volumes and improve sleep conditions in patients with nocturia
caused by nocturnal polyuria and sleep disorder detected
・Research on blood biomarkers for interstitial cystitis

3. Renal transplantation and dialysis
・Development of novel immunosuppressive therapies for patients undergoing renal transplantation
・Establishment of preventive therapies of complications in dialysis patients

4. Pediatrics
・Development of biomarkers for pediatric lower urinary tract symptoms and enuresis
・Establishment of optimal treatments for neurogenic bladder associated with spina bifida


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