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Updated : August 10, 2022

Department of Neurosurgery


Hiroyuki Nakase
Young-Soo PARK
Ichiro Nakagawa
Fumihiko Nishimura
Shuichi Yamada
Kentaro Tamura
Ryosuke Matsuda
Yasuhiro Takeshima
Masashi Kotsugi
Shohei Yokoyama
Tae-Kyun Kim


Nara Medical University, a central core hospital for neurosurgery located in Nara Prefecture, Japan, is actively engaged in advanced medical treatments with a high ethical standard for contributing to the welfare of society. Trained specialists perform more than 700 operations each year, including brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, functional neurosurgery, spinal surgery, pediatric, and neurotrauma cases. Quality care is provided for our patients using the best available multidisciplinary treatment in combination with endovascular and minimally invasive surgery, chemoradiotherapy, and genetic analysis. Furthermore, various basic and clinical research projects are conducted with the view to improve patient support and outcome.


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