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Updated : September 16, 2020

Department of Dermatology (Dermatopathology)


Hideo Asada
Masamitsu Kuwahara
Satoru Shinkuma
Fumi Miyagawa


1. Elucidation of the role of innate immunity in atopic dermatitis and development of new treatment methods for it.
2. Research on the relationship between allergic skin diseases and microorganisms.
3. Research on the pathogenesis of severe drug eruptions and development of new methods to diagnose them.
4. Development of shingles vaccines.
5. Clarification of the pathology of SLE.
6. Studies on the orientation of dermal collagen fibers
7. Immunohistochemical studies on cutaneous adnexal tumors
8. Studies on the usefulness of ultrasonography in the field of dermatology
9. Development of new treatments for porokeratosis
10. Elucidation of the pathology of hereditary skin diseases
11. Elucidation of the pathology of epidermolysis bullosa and the development of new techniques for regenerative medicine and gene therapy


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