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Updated : August 1, 2023

Department of Neurology


Kazuma Sugie (Professor)
Hiroshi Kataoka (Associate Professor)
Kozue Saito(Associate Professor)
Tesseki Izumi(Lecturer)
Takao Kiriyama(Lecturer)
Masaki Kobayashi(Assistant Professor)
Nobuyuki Eura(Assistant Professor)
Hitoki Nanaura(Assistant Professor)


This department helps students learn about methods to diagnose neuromuscular diseases and evaluate their pathological conditions, in order to become able to appropriately perform analyses to clarify the pathogenesis and pathology of such diseases. Their learning goal is to develop abilities to examine hereditary neurodegenerative and muscular diseases and autoimmune neuromuscular disorders from viewpoints of molecular genetics and pathology as basis for their accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. They are also expected to enhance their understanding of: molecular pathological and electrophysiological analyses using neuromuscular tissues for peripheral nerve and muscular disorders; the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disorders; and pathology based on the results of topical diagnosis.


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